2020 Live Auction – Watch Kaye from the comfort of your own home on Saturday, September 26 at 7:30 pm!  We’ll be auctioning a pared-down, curated selection of items.

 2020 auction items include:

  • Registration for the 2021 Great Escape, with first choice of sleeping arrangements and workshops!

  • Stained Glass by Kaye Glass: 3″ wide x 2 3/4″ tall rectangles. Centers are clear beveled glass. Streaky green with Traditional American Girl Scout emblem. Streaky blue with World Association emblem. Hanger rings attached to the back. Suitable for sun catchers and/or holiday decorations. Signed and dated.

  • Stained Glass by Kaye Glass: 3 1/2″ wide x 7″ tall diamond shapes. Centers are clear beveled glass. World Association piece has cobalt blue water glass edge. Traditional American Girl Scout piece has a rich green antique style edge. Hanger rings attached to the back. Suitable for sun catchers or holiday decorations.Signed and dated.

  • North Carolina Quilt :35 3/4″ x 44 1/2 ” hand stitched quilt with backing/border pattern that dates back to the 1850’s.  Made specifically for and labeled  “Great Escape 2020” by Jan Miller.

  • “Just Ducky” raggedy quilt made from soft all cotton flannels in blues, yellows and pinks.  The exposed seam allowances fray to a soft fringe on the front of the quilt.  Most prints include ducks.  Machine quilted, the quilt measures 41” X 47.” Made by Laura L. at Camp Wabasso.

  • Sue’s handmade outdoor themed scrapbook- just add your own photos! The scrapbook contains 22 pages (10 double paged layouts, plus a front and back page.)  Size: 8.5x 11 inches. The cover will be custom made to the winning bidder’s specifications- ie- “Smith Family Camping Trip, 2019”. A wonderful way to showcase your photos of your troop or family outdoor adventures.

Here is a selection of pages from the scrapbook- ready for your photos!

  • Two infinity scarves hand-knitted by Cathy! The mauve scarf is dressier,. The yarn is a nylon acrylic blend.  The variegated scarf is more casual and warmer.  The yarn used is acrylic.  Both scarves are machine washable.


  • Cathy’s Handmade Folded Star Hotpads – Set of 3!

  • A Handmade Patriotic Wreath made of Fleece…

    Deb’slarge patriotic wreath

  • Great Escape bag from Ginny with the following items:
    Embroidered blanket, pillow, Girl Scout tee shirt ( XL to be able to wear to bed), Girl scout masks, lanyard, and button headband for masks.

  • A Great Escape 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle!

    Lesley’s 1014 piece GE jigsaw

  • Music: New “Our Chalet” and “Sangam Sangeet” CDs, plus a Pax Lodge Songbook from Kathy

  • Girl scout bag from Ginny with the following items;
    Girl Scout coffee, cup, embroidered apron, Girl scout masks, lanyard, and button headband for masks. Winner may choose to have a name embroidered before it’s mailed. 

  • Precisely Prepared and Perfectly Picked Pleasing Paraphernalia Packaged by Pat and Paula

  • 2020 Survival Kit, with hand tie-dyed masks, toilet paper, disinfecting spray, disinfecting wipes, and hand soap from Danielle (and Jax!)

  • Music from Wynelle – 4 CDs to keep your Girl Scout Spirit up!  Pax Lodge Songbook, Songs of Our Cabana, Sangam Sangeet, and Songs by Martha Moore.  “I Do Believe” by Martha Moore is the favorite song of Woburn Troop 89023.  Listen carefully for the voices of the very talented  “Cookie” (Kaye) and Karen!

  • An 8×12 Metal Print (frameless) of one of the following photographs from Camp Wabasso.  The high bidder selects which image to have printed and the finished print will be shipped to you.   Click on the images to see larger versions.

We are not charging a fee for the Great Escape this year.  If you wish to support  our Girl Scout Camps, please donate to our auction now, by clicking on the Donate button.

VENMO is here!  Pay for your auction winnings via VENMO.


If you would like to support Girl Scout Camps and donate to our auction now, click on the Donate button.

The 2019 Auction was a great success. We are waiting to hear from camp staff as to what the camp needs before we announce the disposition of the funds raised in 2019 (we expect this will be delayed since the camp is mothballed by the COVID-19 emergency.)  The  2018 Great Escape Auction raised $1545 for a new washer and dryer for Camp Wabasso!!!  Staff appreciated being able to wash campers’ soiled sleeping bags on property, saving a 3 – 4 hour trip to the laundromat.

ge 2015 lesley zentangle bag

Lesley’s zentangle art on a Great Escape tote bag filled with goodies!

Live Auction!

By popular demand – our amazing live auction! Bring your wonderful hand-crafted or enticing gift items (minimum value $25) to be auctioned.Need ideas for enticing gift baskets?  Go here!

Kaye, the Great Escape’s resident auctioneer, uses her head!

Vera is amazed by her auction winnings!

Winning bids range from $25-$150. The auctions benefit our Girl Scout camps.

Winning Bid $150

What Happens To Our Profits?

Since Great Escape has been keeping records of fees and donations, the Committee has paid over $16,000 for the use of the camps during underutilized time periods.  Great Escape, by running a fund-raising auction each year, has raised more than $19,000 most of which has been earmarked for Camp Wabasso.  The money was used by Girl Scouts, Eastern Massachusetts to provide new tables and windows in the Dining Hall, chairs, a new chair rack in the Lodge and to purchase mildew-resistant paint, a dehumidifier and a new stove for the basement of the Lodge, making it cozier and user-friendly.  Among other items, more than 25 new mattresses were purchased for the camp cots; all Wabasso Girl and Adult campers can be grateful for these clean and comfy mattresses!  In 2013, we donated money to help buy new ceiling fans/lights for the theatre so that it can be used more often.  In 2014, we donated $1500 towards restoration of the Challenge Course at Wabasso.  We gave $3,500 towards outfitting all the winterized spaces with new cooking stoves and buying new cross country skis.  In 2018, we voted to purchase a commercial washer and dryer for the Wabasso infirmary so that staff won’t need to leave camp to launder sleeping bags that meet with the unfortunate accidents that happen when campers become ill.  When you participate in our Auctions or purchase our merchandise, you are helping to support our Council properties and the girls who camp there.

 In addition to our monetary donations, Great Escape has provided hands-on service through several projects.  At the end of each annual Great Escape Weekend, participants break down the cots in the tent units at Wabasso, saving the Council the cost of hiring help to do this.  A handmade quilt was created by Committee members and donated to the American Room at Foxlease in England.  Several Committee members collaborated to make curtains for Camp Laurel Wood in Spencer where we have spent Committee “retreats.” 

 We are grateful to all who have laughed and cried and sung and played with us at our weekends in the woods.  We look forward to having new Girl Scout Adults and High School Senior Girl Scouts join us. 


This quilt was made at the Escape and then auctioned – thanks to both maker and buyer!


This 8′ x 10″ mosaic took three days to make and now graces Sue’s living room as a remembrance of the 2012 Escape.

landscape by 'pancho' photo

Donated by Helen (Pancho) this lovely desert storm landscape has pride of place in my guest bedroom!

This full size shutter raised $115 for the 2019 auction!

Silent Auction

We no longer have a silent auction.