General Information

**GE 2021 – hoping and planning for an in-person event.  Registration will open in August.  Start checking back then.  The information below will change depending on the NH/Mass/GSEMA regulations for the fall.

What: The Great Escape is a relaxing and enjoyable weekend getaway for adult Girl Scouts who attend planned workshops or just relax for the weekend.

Who: The Great Escape is open to all women who are at least age 18,  men who are currently registered with GSUSA, and  graduating high school senior Girl Scouts.

The event is run by a volunteer committee which plans and executes the weekend, buys and cooks the food (with help from other volunteers,) runs many of the workshops and turns their hands to all the jobs needed to make the weekend fun and relaxing for fellow Girl Scouts!

When: Participants may arrive as early as 1 PM on Friday, and stay as late as noon on Sunday. (PLEASE NOTE the arrival time!)  We offer Sunday Morning Workshops, so plan to stay!

Where: The Great Escape is held at Camp Wabasso in Bradford/Sutton, New Hampshire. (The event has been at Camp Wabasso since 2005; it was at Camp Favorite in Brewster, Massachusetts, from 1982-2004.)

Kapers:  “Kapers” means jobs in Girl Scout lingo. To make the Great Escape run smoothly, everyone will be assigned a small kaper at check-in. (There is no paid staff or cleaning crew at the Great Escape, so everyone will need to pitch in. The site manager is responsible for camp maintenance – not general cleaning.)

Choosing Overnight Accommodations: Please read the Accommodations and Sleeping Habits sections before completing the registration form. If you are planning to attend with a friend(s), please list the name(s) on page 2 of the registration form and agree on the type of accommodations and sleeping habits, i.e., Early Bird, Night Owl, or Tweeter, before completing the Accommodations section on page 2 of the registration form.

Accommodations: Camp Wabasso is one of Eastern Massachusetts’ overnight camps and has three lodging options. All of the accommodations at Wabasso have mattresses and flush toilets, and an outdoor shower house will be available to everyone. (Please note: Anyone who has mobility issues, i.e., unable to climb stairs or up and down a bunk bed ladder or difficulty walking uphill, on uneven terrain, and/or walking long distances, should note that at the bottom of page 2 of the registration form.)

Indoor heated facility: Some rooms in the winterized buildings have cots and/or bunk beds.  Some rooms have access to an indoor shower. (Some rooms will be used for workshops during the day on Saturday. If you’d like quiet time for reading or taking a nap during the day on Saturday, consider staying in the cabins or tents.)

Unheated cabin site: These rustic wooden camping cabins have cots or bunk beds and sleep 2-16 people. Flush toilets and washstands with cold water are nearby.

Tent site: Each tent is on a wooden platform and has four cots. Flush toilets and washstands with cold water are nearby.

Please note: If you’d like more details about the accommodations at Camp Wabasso  please go to:

Sleeping Habits:

Early Birds like to turn in early (10 PM) and go to sleep, so quiet voices are appreciated at their site.
Night Owls usually stay up late – socializing, laughing, and singing.
Tweeters can’t decide but will be courteous to others at their site.

Costs: The fee for the weekend is $65, but Early Birds can save $10 by registering and paying before July 1st. The fee for Saturday only is $45, which includes workshops, lunch, and dinner (no overnight). The presenter/ lifeguard fee is $45 (there is no fee for presenters/lifeguards if they are coming for just the day on Saturday, and there is no fee for the cook and her crew). If you register on 9/15 or later, the cost is $75.

Deadlines: If you register before 9/15, we need to receive your payment by 9/17, or a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed. If you register on 9/15 or later, the cost is $75. No one is registered for the GE until their complete registration fee and any late fees, have been paid in full. Why? Because we donate so much of our revenue to Girl Scouting (see the Auction page for details) our bank account is smaller than our costs and we can’t pay for the camp, materials, or food without the registration fees.

Cancellations: Meals and workshop materials are purchased several weeks in advance of the event.

  • Full refund if notified before September 1st.
  • Partial refund – September 1st through September 14th. (Total minus $10 processing fee)
  • Refunds will not be honored after September 15.

Registration Mailing Address: Mail your registration payment (and completed registration form if not submitted electronically) to Great Escape c/o Lesley Murray 9 Ticonderoga Road Acton, MA 01720.   NOTE: Your registration is not considered complete until payment is received.

Workshop Selection: Choose workshops by their alpha-numeric code and place them in the chart on page 4 of the registration form. Include a 2nd and 3rd choice for each workshop time. Every effort will be made to place everyone in her first choice  workshops, but workshops with limited numbers might fill whereas other workshops might be canceled due to lack of interest. Any extra fees for workshops need to be paid by a separate check to GSEM Great Escape and mailed with the registration form (more details are on pages 3 and 4 of the registration form).  Your workshop choices are not finalized until we receive your payment.  Workshops fill up fast so send your payment ASAP.

Auctions: There will be a live auction during the weekend. Auction proceeds will be donated to Camp Wabasso or GSEM for improvements to camps or other girl program amenities.

Confirmation Packet: Approximately three weeks before the Great Escape, a confirmation packet will be e-mailed to each participant. This packet will include workshop assignments, any materials needed for workshops, a suggested packing list, a health form, directions to the camp, and site assignments.

Questions: We will reply to any e-mails sent to