Great Escape Registration

Everyone - including the cooks, daytrippers, lifeguards, and presenters - must register.

WHO: Women and men who are currently registered with GSUSA and are at least 18 years old and/or a graduating senior. (If you are not a currently registered Girl Scout please contact Paula Ruozzi.)

WHERE: Camp Wabasso in Bradford/Sutton, New Hampshire

WHEN: 1pm on Friday, September 27 through noon on Sunday, September 29. Come for all or any part of this time.

FEES: $55 before July 1st, $65 on or after July 1st, and $45 for presenters and lifeguards (please see the Costs section below for additional information).


  • Meals and workshop materials are purchased several weeks in advance of the event. Full refund if notified before September 1st.
  • Partial refund - September 1st through September 14th. (Total minus $10 processing fee)
  • Refunds will not be honored on or after September 15th.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 14, 2019.

QUESTIONS: E-mail Paula Ruozzi at

Please read the General Information, Schedule, and Workshop pages at, then carefully complete all sections of this registration form.

Register before July 1st to increase your chance of getting your first choice of workshops and accommodations.

Registrations received before July 1st are entitled to a reduced fee ($55).

We prefer to have your registration submitted electronically. If needed this form may be printed and mailed with payment to: Great Escape c/o Lesley Murray, 9 Ticonderoga Road, Acton, MA 01720

Contact Information

* - required information
* (what you'd like to be called at the Great Escape)
* * *
* (primary) (other)
(please leave blank if you do not know what this is)


The word "kapers" means jobs in Girl Scout lingo. To help make the Great Escape run smoothly, kapers will be assigned on Saturday morning.


Please check which apply:

I'm staying both Friday and Saturday nights.
I'm staying Friday night only
I'm staying Saturday night only
I'm coming just for the day on Saturday (no overnight).
This will be my first time attending the Great Escape.
I've been to the Great Escape approximately times prior to this year.

Special Circumstances

Please list any dietary restrictions (especially food allergies), mobility issues, etc., so the Great Escape committee can make your weekend as safe and enjoyable as possible:


If you are planning to attend with a friend(s), please list the names below. Also, please agree on the type of sleeping accommodations and your Early Bird, Night Owl, and Tweeter sleeping habits before completing the rest of this section.

Please number the following in order of preference. The Great Escape committee will make every effort to honor your choice. (Please let us know any restrictions you may have in the Special Circumstances section above.)

Indoor heated facility Unheated cabin site Tent site

Please note: An outdoor shower house will be available for everyone's use. All sites at Camp Wabasso have flush toilets.

Please check which most closely resembles your sleeping habits:

Early Bird - I like to turn in early (10 PM) and go to sleep.
Night Owl - I usually stay up late - socializing, laughing, and singing.
Tweeter - I can’t decide, but I'll be courteous to others in my area.


Please note the following:

  • Read all the workshop descriptions at before making your decision.
  • Workshop Choices
    • If you list a 1st choice workshop, please include 2nd and 3rd choices.
    • If you do not want to attend a workshop for a particular session or if you have a 1st choice but no 2nd or 3rd choice, list an applicable free-time code, i.e., A1, B1, C1, or D1.
  • Please feel free to write an explanation for your workshop choices if you think they need clarification.
Session 1st choice Fee (if any) 2nd choice 3rd choice
Session A
Session B
Session K
Session C
Session D
Session E


Please note the following:

  • The registration fee includes 3 meals on Saturday and a full breakfast on Sunday, plus all workshops. The Great Escape committee reserves the right to cancel workshops if there are not enough participants.
  • Bring someone new and save $5. To qualify for this offer bring someone who has never been to the Great Escape before.
  • You will be able to pay by Paypal or check (made out to "GSEM Great Escape” and sent to Great Escape c/o Lesley Murray, 9 Ticonderoga Road, Acton, MA 01720)
  • Registration is not complete until payment is received.

Please select all that apply:

Currently registered as a Girl Scout
Not currently registered as a Girl Scout
Presenter or lifeguard - $45
Registration received on or after July 1st - $65
Coming just for the day on Saturday (no overnight) - $45
Cook and her crew - no fee

Workshop fees (first choices only): $0
I am bringing someone new to the Great Escape (subtract $5). Friend:
I'd like a Great Escape Patch ($3)
I'd like a Great Escape Mug ($10)
Total Due: $0

Submit Your Registration

Click here -> Sign Me Up <- to submit your registration application.

(Payment information will follow. If you clicked the Sign Me Up button and nothing appears to be happening (give it 10-20 seconds), there may be an issue with your browser and our registration page. Please send an email to Betsy Griffin at and we'll try to get your registration processed.)